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Kids Christmas Activities

"Now You Can Print Out Loads of Christmas Fun And Games for Kids Straight from Your Computer and Best of All ... These Fun Activities Are Educational Too!"

Kids Christmas Activities gives kids hours and hours of good, old fashioned TV free fun!

Just click and print for Christmas Mazes, Puzzles, Games, Coloring Sheets, Word Puzzles, Sudokus, Cards, Bookmarks and more...

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As Christmas gets closer children get more and more excited!

So... why not use that excitement to motivate kids to learn. You can provide children with quality Christmas activities and Christmas games that will get them playing, laughing, learning and thinking.

Keeping kids happy and busy at Christmas is easy if you have the right activities to give them. With these colorful, fun and educational Christmas worksheets and Christmas games, kids will think that it's Christmas day already.

Kids Christmas Activities

brings you this special package combining

Christmas Activities for Kids   +      Christmas Games for Kids

The Kids Christmas Activities package gives you

Printable Christmas Activities for Children


Printable Christmas Games for Children.

Imagine having all of the fun Kids Christmas Activities and Christmas Kids Games that you want - right at your fingertips.

You don't need to spend hours searching the internet, looking for what you want and you don't need to spend your precious time making your own activities.  

Best of all these are educational Christmas activities for children and educational Christmas games and puzzles, so while kids have fun they are also learning. 

Just Print and Play

In a matter of minutes you can be printing all of the worksheets for Christmas and Christmas games that you want for your kids or your students.

These are electronic books (e-books) that are downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be reading them and printing activities in as little as 5 minutes.

Here's what Kids Christmas Activities will do for you!


  • Christmas Worksheets bring Christmas fun into your classroom and keep kids busy and learning.

  • Christmas Homework - These activities provide you with homework that kids will want to do - Christmas Math Sheets, Writing Activities and Word Puzzles are fun and also educational.

  • Christmas Rewards - Reward good work or good behavior with fun Christmas Activities, Christmas Games and Christmas Coloring Sheets.

  • Christmas Motivation - These are Christmas classroom activities that really engage and motivate students to do math and to write.

  • Christmas Math Worksheets - Get students really thinking with the Christmas Math Puzzles.

  • Christmas Day (or Week) - Devote a whole day or a whole week to Christmas and your students won't want to go home. Get them doing math, writing activities, word study, problem solving, art and games. It's all here for you in the Kids Christmas Activities Package.


  • Christmas Quality Time - Imagine your whole family getting together and having fun together. Have a Family Night that kids will remember forever.

  • Turn off the TV - You can get kids away from the TV and computer, having fun the good old fashioned way.

  • No More Boredom - When the kids say "I'm bored what can I do?" You'll have the perfect solution.

  • Christmas Party - These games are all that you'll need to entertain kids at your Christmas Party. 

  • Fun and Learning - Kids will think they are just having fun but these are quality, educational activities that will have them learning, thinking and creating while they have fun.

  • Even the adults will enjoy these children's Christmas games.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the special features of the Kids Christmas Activities package.

  • Instant Access to all of the Christmas Kids Activities and Games that you need

  • Over 75 printable worksheets that you print directly from your computer

  • 11 Printable Christmas Games for Kids - colorful, appealing and fun, just print and play

  • Save yourself loads of time - you won't have to hunt around for activities

  • Print copies whenever you need them

  • Print as many copies as you want

  • Quality activities for kids - These activities are more than just fun. They are entertaining, challenging and educational.

  • A dirt cheap way to create professional looking games for just the cost of the paper and laminate even though it will look like you've spent heaps.

  • Perfect for home, for the classroom or for Christmas Parties.

  • Loads of activities that cater for a variety of different ages.

  • These are activities that you can use year after year.

Look at the wide variety of Christmas Worksheets and Christmas Games that you'll find in this awesome resource.
  • Christmas Word Puzzles

  • Christmas Math Worksheets

  • Christmas Writing Activities

  • Christmas Writing Templates

  • Christmas Mazes

  • Christmas Cards to make

  • Christmas Bookmarks to print

  • Christmas Coloring Sheets

  • Christmas Kids Games to print and play

 Look at what's included in the Kids Christmas Activities Book

Christmas Word Puzzles -

Printable Kids Christmas Worksheets that are more fun than work.

Cute Christmas characters present these challenging, brain teasing puzzles.

  • Word Sudoku 4 x 4 - A simple version of Sudoku using Christmas words.

  • Word Sudoku 6 x 6 - Fit the Christmas words into the Word Sudoku.

  • Christmas Word Sudoku - Use the letters of Christmas to complete the puzzle.

  • Stockings Word Sudoku - A Christmas worksheet with Christmas sudoku.

  • Christmas Circle Words - A challenging Christmas Word Puzzle.

  • Jokes Jumble - Unjumble the Christmas Jokes and match them to the answer.

  • Christmas Time Word Search - Hunt for the Christmas words.

  • Christmas Presents Word Search - Find as many Christmas Presents as you can.

  • Santa's Reindeer Word Search - Find all of Santa's Reindeer in the Word Search.

  • Alphabet Trees - Stretches the imagination to create some weird and wonderful Christmas trees.

  • Christmas Jumble - Unjumble the letters to make Christmas Words.

  • Missing Letter E - A Christmas word puzzle with a difference.

  • Christmas Word Find - Find as many words as possible.

  • Santa Claus Word Find - Find words in Santa's name.

  • Decorations Word Find - Create as many words as possible.

          Christmas Worksheets   Christmas Games for Kids

Samples of the Christmas Word Puzzles


Christmas Writing Fun

  • Christmas Giving

  • Christmas Favorites

  • Dear Santa

  • Santa's Helper

  • The Best Christmas Ever

  • Santa Poem

  • Christmas Poem

Christmas Writing Templates

Colorful, fun templates to use for invitations to Christmas parties, stories about Christmas, recipes for Christmas party foods or poems about Christmas.

  • Children and Stocking

  • Three Snowmen

  • Bells

  • Two Gifts

  • Candy Canes

  • Snowperson

Christmas Activities for Children  Christmas Worksheets

Sample of the Christmas Writing Activities


Christmas Math Worksheets

These Christmas math worksheets get kids keen to do math. The Christmas maths worksheets in Kids Christmas Activities bring the fun into math with these challenging Christmas math activities.

  • Red, White and Green Trees - A Christmas puzzle

  • Snowman Shapes - This Christmas math worksheet provides a tricky puzzle.

  • Addition Trees - A Christmas worksheet to practice addition

  • Snowman Subtraction - Practice subtraction with this tricky Christmas worksheet

  • Tree Totals - Get the right total at the top of the tree.

  • Make 10 or 12 - See who can find the most pairs. 

  • Make 15 or 18 - Search for the pairs to get the totals.

  • Make 20, 30 or 40 - Find the pairs under the stockings.

  • Snowman Jumble - Unjumble the Snowman to make a multiplication fact.

  • Star Jumble - Unjumble the Stars to make division facts.

  • Pathways 3 and 5 - Help the reindeer to find the sleigh.

  • Pathways 4 and 7 - Help the Angel get to the top of the tree.

  • Christmas Sudoku 4 x 4- a simpler version of sudoku

  • Santa Sudoku 6 x 6 - more challenging than the 4 x 4 sudoku

  • Snowman Sudoku 9 x 9 - 2 full size sudokus - the perfect Christmas puzzle

These math Christmas worksheets get kids practicing math skills while they have fun.


  Christmas Math Worksheets  Christmas Math Worksheets

Samples of the Christmas Math Activities

Christmas Mazes

Christmas mazes to challenge kids.

  • Christmas Tree Maze 1 - Take the angel to the top of the Christmas tree.

  • Christmas Tree Maze 2 - Gives you a different Christmas tree maze.

  • Christmas Maze 1 - A rectangular maze where you take the star to the top of the tree.

  • Christmas Maze 2 - Find a path to get the reindeer to the sleigh.

  • Christmas Maze 3 - Find a help Santa find his Christmas List.

Christmas Games for Kids

Sample Christmas Mazes

Christmas Cards - Black and White

These cards are ready to be decorated. Use pencils, paints, paper, glitter, sparkles etc. Kids can use their imagination go as they decorate these for friends or family.

  • 6 Christmas Cards ready to be decorated

Christmas Cards - Colored

Just print and give away to wish someone a Happy Christmas!

  • 5 Colored Christmas Cards - Just print and give them away.

Gift Tags

Let Children create Gift Tags they can use when wrapping presents.

  • 10 different styles in Black and White - ready to be colored and decorated.

  • 10 different styles in Color - Just print, cut out and use.

Bookmarks - Black and White

Decorate then laminate if you want. Keep them or give them away.

  • 15 different styles to color and decorate

Bookmarks - Colored

Ready to be given away as gifts or prizes. Laminate the bookmarks and you'll have a lasting Christmas memento.

  • 5 different styles - just print, cut out and give away.

  Christmas Coloring Activities   Christmas Coloring Sheets

Christmas Coloring Sheets

Sample Christmas Card, Gift Tags and Bookmarks

Christmas Coloring Sheets

Cute, friendly characters and Christmas favorites ready to be decorated.

Have a coloring competition. See who decorates the best Christmas Tree.

  • Santa and Sleigh

  • Manger and Gifts

  • Wreath

  • Christmas Basket

  • Christmas Tree

  • Christmas Stocking

  • Tree, House Snowman

  • Fireplace

  • Fancy Christmas 1

  • Fancy Christmas 2

  • Decorations 1

  • Decorations 2


Christmas Coloring Sheets 

Sample of Christmas Coloring Sheets


Over 75 pages of Christmas Activities for Children.


And there's still more in the Kids Christmas Games Book!


Look at the Printable Christmas Games for Kids that you'll receive also!

 11 Printable Christmas Games for Children - Christmas Games in full color.

Educational Christmas Games that get kids learning while they play

Print as many as you need for your kids or your students

Includes -

  • Christmas Card Games - Print 48 Colorful Christmas Playing cards for Snap, Concentration or Pair of Pairs

  • 'On the Tree' Christmas Board Game - You have to really think to decorate this tree.

  • Christmas Pathway Board Games - Be the first to get Santa to his sleigh.

  • Santa Odds and Evens - Can you be the first to land on Santa?

  • 'Take 2 Gifts' Board Game - Try to be the last one who can take 2 gifts.

  • 'Christmas Star' Board Game - You need to make 4 in a Row on the Christmas Star.

  • Christmas Picture Bingo - 8 color cards to use including cards for the caller to draw.

  • Christmas Word Bingo - With word cards for the caller

  • Christmas Dominoes - Match the pictures to the words.

  • Round the Wreath - A strategy game for 2 players.

  • Christmas Corners - Print and play again and again.

   Christmas Games for ChildrenChristmas Games for KidsChristmas Games for Children

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That's a lot of Kids Christmas Games and Kids Christmas Activities but that's not all that you'll get. Look further below to see what else I have for you.


What's a resource like this worth?

To create this many Kids Christmas Games and Kids Christmas Worksheets for yourself would take many, many, many hours (I should know, its taken me much longer.)

To buy these books and games like these - if you could find them - you could easily spend $100 to create a similar collection of activities and commercial Christmas games.

With Kids Christmas Activities Package everything is ready for you to simply print then hand out to the kids.

Which is why the Kids Christmas Activities Package is such a bargain at $17.97 .

That's right, a fraction of what it's really worth. Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low.

These are electronic books (e-books) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be reading them and printing fun, quality activities and games in as little as 5 minutes from now.

So I figure I'll be able to offer this fantastic resource of quality, educational Christmas activities for children to more people. And make my investment back over time.

No matter what however, it's a bargain for you. And yes, I know I should be increasing the price not decreasing it but really want to see as many kids as possible enjoying and learning from these activities. 

Kids Christmas Activitie

$17.97 is a drop in the ocean compared to the true value of this collection.

And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

Still Not Sure?
Read About the IRONCLAD
60-Day Money Back GUARANTEE!

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I will personally guarantee that Kids Christmas Activities Package will give you more fun, more professional activities and games than youíll find anywhere else.

But, if you arenít completely satisfied with the amazing array of games and activities in this series, contact me anytime (up to 60 days from the date of purchase) and Iíll refund 100% of your purchase price. No hassles. No fine print. No hard feelings.

You see, ordering Kids Christmas Activities Package is completely risk-free!

The Kids Christmas Activities Package are Adobe PDF files. To see them, youíll  need to have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

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 Would You Like More?
Look at these amazing bonuses that you will also receive -


Christmas Party Games for Kids



Kids Christmas Party Games


Need a kids Christmas game for your party? This color book contains

loads of great ideas for Games for your Christmas Party.


19 pages of Party Games that will keep kids busy and having loads of fun for hours and hours.


Perfect for your Christmas Classroom Party or for home.


Play Reindeer Groups, Christmas Whispers, Stuck in the Chimney and more.



Christmas Kids Party Games


And I haven't finished yet. Look at what else I am also giving you -




A Mystery Christmas Gift For You!


This is a special treat for you to share with the children in your life.


A perfect addition to any Christmas celebration.


 Kids Christmas Activities Mystery Gift



Just to recap on what you will get in the

Kids Christmas Games Package!

A complete set of professional, colorful resources that you simply print and and hand out to kids.

  • Over 75 pages of Printable Christmas Activities for Children including Christmas Word Puzzles, Christmas Math Worksheets, Christmas Writing Activities, Christmas Mazes, Christmas Cards, Christmas Bookmarks and Christmas Coloring Sheets.

  • 11 Colorful Kids Christmas Games to print and play - including dominoes, bingo, board games, riddle match game and games sheets

  • A book full of Kids Christmas Party Ideas

  • A Mystery Christmas Gift for You.

So you'll never be short of a Christmas worksheet, Christmas activity or Christmas game.

Make as many copies as you need, from your printer whenever you need them.

If you are looking for a huge variety of quality Christmas Puzzles, Activities and Games to entertain kids, you're getting the solution that you need ... PLUS MORE.

With the Kids Christmas Activity Package you'll have these Christmas Activities and Games to use year after year at home or at school.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas,

Teresa Evans

Parent, Teacher and Lover of games

P.S. Remember, you're getting over  Printable Christmas Activities for children and Games  for just of fraction of what it would cost to assemble the same number of professional quality games and resources - all ready for you to use with your students or your children.

And you can start using them right away! Print as many copies as you need!

These books give you printable Christmas Games for kids, Christmas Word Puzzles, Christmas Math Worksheets, Christmas Writing Activities, Christmas Mazes, Christmas Cards, Christmas Bookmarks and Christmas Coloring Sheets.

Remember the BONUSES also give you even more Christmas fun and games to challenge and entertain kids.

Everything you need  to make Christmas fun, interesting and exciting. So if that's what you want to do, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

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